Holiday gift guide 2010: For Teens

Here's a pick of the best in gadgets, games, computing and gifts suitable for teens
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For your teenage rock star in the making, WowWee Paper Jams is your holiday gift.\nEach instrument is paper thin and has embedded circuit technology which allows the users to play chords by touching the surface.\nYou can even freestyle jam your own songs.\nCheck the Paper Jamz out on the WowWee website.\n(Image and text source:
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With Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 you can build and program your own robot to do what you want.\nFor example, it can be fitted with sensors which control motors and react to sound, light or touch.\nThe set comes with the intelligent NXT LEGO® brick, which features 32-bit microprocessor, a large matrix display, 4 input and 3 output ports, and Bluetooth and USB communication link as well as 612 lego pieces and the software.\nGet the full kit for $279.99 at\n(Image and text source:
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The Motorola FlipOut is a fun phone designed for the younger generation.\nThis phone is completely square with a pivot design which flips open to reveal a QWERTY keypad.\nThe Flipout also features a 3MP camera, 3G connectivity, and a touch screen, which can display picture IDs, ringer IDs, and social network status.\nThe phone will be launching in the UAE soon.\n(Image and text source:
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The Dell Inspiron Duo is ideal for the teenager who wants a tablet, but needs a laptop.\nWith a swivel hinge, this computer can convert from tablet to laptop with ease, fulfilling both the cool factor and the school factor.\nIt has a 7 inch display, Intel dual-core Atom processor N550, 2GB of RAM and comes with Windows 7 Home Premium.\nThe 32 bit is available for $549.99 from\n(Image and text source:
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The iPod Touch is the ultimate cool gadget this Christmas.\nWith HD video recording, a gaming centre, FaceTime video calling and 960x640 resolution this will be a hit this holiday season.\nGet an 8GB iPod Touch for $229 from the Apple store.\n(Image and text source:
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The Sound Freaq SFQ-1 Sound Platform combines Bluetooth audio, FM radio and iPhone and iPod touch compatibility into a speaker dock.\nThe old-school box shape of the dock has won it many fans.\nIt is available on line here at for $229.\n(Image and text source:
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Have trouble waking up in the morning? The Clocky is the gadget for you.\nThe Clocky alarm clock on wheels hops off your bedside table and roams around emitting beeps until you get up, find it and turn it off. Plus it only has a one-time snooze button before it goes off again and runs away, perfect if you really, really want to annoy someone.\nPick it up at in a variety of colours from $33.\n(Image and text source:
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Great for the more sociable gamer is the Sony Playstation Move controller.\nPlayStation Move is a motion sensing controller, which operates with the PlayStation Eye camera, to sense motion and control games action. The controller brings new depth to gaming, and the motion detection system is easy to get to grips with for beginners and pros alike.\nThere are 25 Move games available, including sports, action, party, family and shooters.\nThe PlayStation Move motion controller is on sale in the UAE for AED169 RRP ($46), with the PlayStation Move navigation controller at AED129 RRP ($35). The PlayStation Move Starter Pack, which comprises a PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye camera and a Starter disc including nine playable demos is available for AED269 RRP ($73).\n(Image and text source:
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The must-have game of the season, Call of Duty: Black Ops is sure to be keeping gamers busy this holiday season.\nThe latest installment in the highly-regarded Call of Duty series puts the focus on US covert operations in the 1960s and 1970s, pitching the player right into a secret war.\nThe gameplay is a unrelenting as ever, and the game provides plenty of challenge for even the most experienced of players. Please note the 18 certificate though.\nAvailable now on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC.\n(Image and text source:
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