80% of people support driving age limit increase

Majority of people think young drivers are reckless and make UAE roads unsafe - poll.

More than 80 percent of people support the idea of raising the driving age limit in the UAE from 18 to 21, in a bid to make the roads safer, according to an Arabian Business poll.

A total of 44.7 percent of respondents said they thought young motorists drove too fast and did not have the road awareness of safer drivers.

A further 33.8 percent of people agreed the move would help, but said it was not just young drivers to blame for dangerous roads, and that other measures should be introduced.

Last week, the head of Dubai Traffic Prosecution, Salah Bu Farousha, called for the minimum age to obtain a driving licence in the UAE to be raised to 21.

He said that 10 out of the 120 motorists who have died so far on the country’s roads were young Emiratis – a number he called “disproportionate”.

He said at the time: “Raising the age to 21 is necessary because the motorist would be more mature. Teenagers can use public transport until they can be trusted to get behind the wheel.”

However, according to the AB poll 19.4 percent of people disagreed with increasing the driving age limit.

Some 14.3 percent of people said they thought 18 was the best age to become a legal driver, while 5.1 percent said the age limit should be lowered.

A recent report released by the World Health Organisation has shown that the UAE's roads were among the most dangerous in the world.

Last year 1,071 people died on the UAE’s road and 12,273 were injured, the report said.

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Posted by: giorgi

In my opinion rise of age limit less likely to have any positeve effect on traffic safety and hence I fully agree with Bagwill: rise of the age limit without adequate couching what and how to do in the road traffic, will not solve the problem: 18 or 21 years old people will drive in the same inappropriate way. Lane discipline is the most important in coupe with understanding of speed respect from "slow" to "fast" lanes. Unfortunately current fastest lanes on the roads are in the middle instead of left because of disrespect/non undesrtanding by majority of lane & speed matters: slow drive at the fast lane pushes others to a risky maneuvers. It could be a good idea to introduce necessity of annual validation for current driving licences through on-line testing: renewal of car registration should be subjected to the evidence of passing the test. At least this will increase awarness in general and hopefully contribute for better discipline on roads. Articles related with the lane and speed awarness should be systematically published in mass media.

Posted by: Salim

well long time ago they used to pursue these driver within the 80s and mid 90s, But many of the drivers who were running away from police while being pursued got them self into crashes which caused many death to these drivers who are running away from police pursue. So they got this new rule not to pursue them, take their detail and later we will deal with them, thats the story that maybe many people don't know the reason behind Police are not pursuing anymore.

Posted by: Dellboy

I appreciate what you say but how many accidents or even deaths will these guys be responsible for between now and the time they renew their vehicle registration. The police should pursue and take immediate action. It works in the real world, why not here ????

Posted by: Omar

Enough death on the streets!Yes, increase the age limit to 23 TODAY! Also, increase the amount of fines by 500%!Increase the number of radars by 1000% (10 times)!Suspend licenses! I passed by Syria last week for a couple of days and although it's among the world's most corrupt nations, road safety has signficiantly improved by 50%!!!!!!!! in less than 1 year as per the recent WHO report!! due to hefty fines and 100 radars!Law enforcement is the best tool. Also, DECREASE the speed limit on all roads - 141 km/h (when radar flashes) on Abu DHabi - Dubai Road - That's INSANE!!!As if there was no speed limit!! Make it 120 MAXIMUM!!!! Same for Al Ain ROad - Emirates Road - Al Khail Road - Same on Fujairah road. The best tool is to increase the # of radars by 10 times at least!!! 40 classes to issue a driver's license - That's NOTHING - Make them 200 classes!!! UAE has one of the worst safety records in the entire world although it has the best infrastructure in the entire MEASA region. Until when Police will remain so light on drivers!All drivers (Locals, Asians, Arabs and even Europeans who seize the opportunity of very weak law enforcement by abusing the law instead of being an example i.e. drink and drive!)??

Posted by: Bagwill

Isn't it a case of education and enforcement rather than a blanket increase in the age limit. Many other countries have an age limit of 18 (or in some cases less) and do not have the number of issues that face the UAE. There needs to be some serious education of not only fist-time drivers but those who have been driving for some years. For example, there is no lane discipline resulting in those who want to drive faster just swerving around the road to get in front. Enforcement needs to improve. It is OK taking down details and the driver receiving a fine/points/etc., as he renews his (her)registration, but if the driver was stopped by the police taking up his time (thus resulting in his journey being delayed) and the police also having the opportunity to check both the vehicle and driver roadworthiness, then this may act as a future deterent. On the bright side, at least the authorities recognise there is a problem and want to do something to resolve it.

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