We have cash to fund mega projects - Dubai official

Gov't economic advisor said funds for multi-billion-dollar projects can be sourced within UAE


If Dubai has enough cash, Nakheel & other authorities should complete Jumeriah Village Circle/South instead of leaving it like a man made desert & having taken millions from the public.

Complete infrastructre of pink/blue lines...which will help the public at large & increase investor sentiments in dubai.


I am sure any growing countries had done mistakes and learnt lessons from the bad experience.The same way UAE one of the highly potential and fastest growing GCC if would have learnt the mistakes and have got a strong strategy to achieve its objectives nothing can stop it from making bigger and bigger as it can...Thats the challenge and from challenges only growth is possible.I personally salute and wish UAE very specially Dubai for all its challenging and proactive efforts in making the place nothing less than a heaven......

prakash n

hope Dubai forgets these PR stunts and changes it attitude from 'big' is better!
'mega' 'largest' 'tallest'- projects has given them a big fall earlier, realistic projects are way to go!


Hello, everybody.. this is a very nice and very big project. If investors can get this money back, tke note that at the moment, the best place to invest money is Spain.. Tourism is the most industry in this land, and the crises makes the owners sale very optimal buisnesses, because they need cash. If somebody knows who would like to buy a 3*** complexe in the canary Island, front of the beach, 76 bungalows, full all the year.... for 9000000 euros.. please help ! we sell it...


I could have some one interested please send me your contact detail.

Ian Moone

It would be nice to pay back investors of Sama Dubai, which did not even break ground and was supposed to be handed over in 2009. And paying back creditors before diving into new projects and pulling PR stunts like that.


What about the Palm Jebel Ali?? Amazing project, the land is there - I've paid millions into this and still waiting 10 years later... Come on Nakheel - time to get this project going again.

peter peter

Are they serious ?

The road outside my warehouse in Al Quoz has been dug up and left open dangerously for over three years. If they have the money how about completing it please before digging up more areas just to leave them incomplete ?

And Yes , how about paying off the old creditors ?

But I guess there are enough greedy people still left in the world who will get start struck with these mega projects and want to have a slice of it in spite of past history staring them in the face. Best of luck to them.

All for development but prioritise it...

Funds may be there but how about finishing off so many of the half build projects already In existence??!! It doesn't make sense to build new mega projects but to get to them you have to drive past the half finished buildings with no funding to get finished.

Saddened to see Malls for pleasure / tourism get priority over sports facilities, UAE has a huge issue with obesity and diabetes so more mega malls won't help. Sure more community malls are needed, the Arena Mall at sports city for instance would be a huge asset to that area if the on hold project were to restart, but seriously put some money into finishing the swimming pool at sports city and the stadiums to look after the health of your population otherwise the lowered life expectancy from obesity will catch up and the youth will become lazy theme park goers that just spend their time in malls.

Great to see progress but investors lost thousands in the Dubai crash, it would nice for them to get their projects moving again.

Abdul hafeez Sheikh

Dubai is developed country having its own resources and all technologies at its disposal . The mega projects should use Dubai ,s own companies and local infrastructural ,rather paying huge sums of money to the foreign consulting firms and contractor . Now it is the Time for Dubai to use its own contracting companies and engineering firms to construct the mega projects


What a stupid comment. I hope you are not the Abdul Hafeez Sheikh who is the Finance Minister of Pakistan and a partner in New Silk Route PE firm, having offices in Dubai. And who pays zero income tax in Pakistan.


Another Ill Informed Comment by a Spectator. What a joke !


All local construction companies have foreigners in the management and ALL labourers are foreigners. So, what are you talking about...


If they can fund new projects then, surely, their creditors are going to play hard ball to get their money back on the old projects and not accept cents on the dollar as various government entities would prefer them to do?

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