In pictures: Six apps for a healthier lifestyle

Apple marks World Health Day with these wellness, fitness and nutrition apps
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World Health Day promotes the importance of mental wellbeing plus a consistent fitness regime paired with a good nutrition result for a better and healthier you. Apple believe with the help of technology, and specifically your iPhone and Apple Watch, you can achieve change. To up your health and wellness regime, here are some apps which support wellness, fitness, and nutrition. (Image: Apple)
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Headspace: Along with amazing health benefits meditation is a tried and tested method for quieting the mind. Headspace is a guided meditation app that starts users off with a free 10-day challenge directing you on 10 guided meditations, for 10 minutes each time. (Image: Apple)
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Sleep Pulse 2 Motion: Sleep Pulse 2 makes the first sleep tracker for Apple Watch even better by putting your watch to work as you sleep — tracking your motion, heart rate and nightly steps to give you the best picture of your sleep. (Image: Apple)
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Pocket Yoga: A flexible yoga app that allows you to choose between different practices and difficulty levels. Whatever your skill level and time availability, pocket yoga has over 200 illustrated poses that will let you recreate the experience of being in actual yoga studio and guides you through the entire practice with specific directions and reminders to inhale and exhale. (Image: Apple)
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Zova: Zova gives you a smarter way to get fit and feel great. When you download the app, you’ll meet Zara, your smart personal trainer. Zara tracks and evaluates your daily activity, before coaching you through runs and full-body workouts that leave you fitter, healthier and happier. What’s even better is that you can bring the gym into your living room as Zova is available on Apple TV. (Image: Apple)
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WaterMinder: Drinking water is one of the healthiest ways to maintain your body. It aids in digestion, relieving headaches, weight loss and better skin. WaterMinder is an intuitive app that will help you track your water intake and based in your body weight, remind you to drink water to make sure you stay hydrated. (Image: Apple)
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Healthy Eating Meal Planner: We’re all busy and have life duties: work, school, kids, pets, social life, appointments, etc. So, we know that eating right can be put on the back burner. That’s where Healthy Eating Meal Planner come in. From breakfast, lunches, dinners, and snacks the app will plan out your daily meal plans along with a handy shopping list for the week. (Image: Apple)
Mon 10 Apr 2017 12:17 PM GST
By Aasha Bodhani