Ramadan Ready: 5 ways to prepare your body for fasting

Make fasting that little bit easier this holy month
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With the holy month just over three weeks away, those who are fasting can prepare their bodies for a smoother transition. Here are five tips to help make fasting a little bit easier:
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Have smaller meals: Lowering your food consumption is believed to make the shift to fasting easier. Start by having smaller meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Experts also advise eliminating having snacks in order to prepare your body for lesser food intake.
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To Suhoor or not to Suhoor: Having the pre-dawn meal could better prepare your body for fasting. However, Suhoor might actually make you hungrier during your fast, according to experts. Decide whether to integrate Suhoor into your regime depending on your body’s reaction to it.
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Less caffeine and nicotine: If you are a caffeine or nicotine addict at work, now would be the time to lessen your coffee or tea intake and cigarettes. You do not want to have withdrawal symptoms, such as severe headaches, dehydration and restlessness, during your fast. Doing it a couple of days before Ramadan starts can make a big difference.
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Sleep early: If you are planning on waking up for Suhoor, you need to get your body used to hitting the sack earlier. If you’re used to sleeping late, try taking an afternoon nap instead. The last thing you want to do is tire your body when it is fasting.
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Start fasting: Experts recommend trying to fast a couple of days before Ramadan to help your body adapt. To make the transition easier, try fasting half days first. By fasting before the holy month starts, you can also make up for any fasting days you might have missed the year before.
Wed 03 May 2017 12:01 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan