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Sun 30 Dec 2012 04:35 PM

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Saudi woman divorced over tweets

Saudi man said to have taken action after wife refused to cancel Twitter account

Saudi woman divorced over tweets

A Saudi man divorced his wife because she had a Twitter
account without informing him, Arab News reported.

The man in his 30s asked his wife to cancel her account and
then decided to divorce her after she refused to do so, the Jeddah-based
newspaper reported. 

The wife went to her parents' home and efforts to reconcile
her and her husband include an agreement where he will pay his wife to delete
her account.

The wife is adamant about keeping her Twitter account. Efforts
are still underway to reunite the couple, which could see the husband double
the amount of money proposed in a family settlement, according to the

Khalid 6 years ago

A woman who sells her husband for a twitter account is not worth a thing.

kashif sethi 6 years ago

she got divorce due to some hidden agenda that she did not want to disclosed to her husband even on offer of is dishonesty to her spouse.
media always seek headline instead of real matter.
the above story says just like that.

gordon 6 years ago

@kashif and @khalid
what would you say if your wives demanded that you cancel your email account?