Businessman pays $20,000 for one night at NYE party pad

Lebanese businessman is set to host lavish party at the six-bedroom duplex in Downtown Dubai

I think this guy spent well. Smart marketing. Great opportunity for business. Most companies spend more than this putting up a little booth crammed into GITEX next to their competition and get low level business cards.
It's no different than taking your clients golfing. Hospitality.
Good on ya! Hope it went well.


Good for long as he enjoyed it. We live once....and I'm sure I'm the one who make less money then anybody else on this post! Happy new year to u all!!! :-)

Jebel Ali Baba

I bet this was Fadi Flat-White, well known for his immense spending on newest Apple product releases and intention to enter the Ahlan 500 in a breeze.... Maybe DJ Habibi 2000 was entertaining this illustrious party too.


How can he do this?? how can he not invite me :S
nice speeches guys,, which are not very real,, the money he s spent are his own,,, didn't take them from my pocket nor yours,,
enjoy man.. and don't forget your small brothers :)


You are right. It's his business what he does with his money. If people like him stopped spending their money, the economy would come to a complete halt. The people who are whining about this would be out of their jobs.


At a time and age where almost everywhere in the world people suffer poverty/wars/economic hardship...........sickness, oppression....someone pay so much for so little to party!! I hope he has a good answer on the day he will be asked for what he has done with the wealth that he was given!!!!!

Thamir Ghaslan

The moment I read this article, I thought, OK... Here comes the usual self righteous dribble. Imagine my surprise when I read this.

In any event, Telcoguy and gordon nailed it!


Basil to be fair we do not know how much he spends on charity, creating jobs and wealth.

Red Snappa

It is the Lebanese gentleman's money and no doubt he see's it as a beneficial investment in terms of making more money as far as a networking event is concerned.

However, I am sure that there are many thousands of Syrian refugees sitting in makeshift camps and shelter, who would benefit from a far happier new year for the same money.


Honestly, be serious, of course there are billions of people who would enjoy this money for humanitarian or other reasons but spending money on networking for your business is also as important because without business there is no money to give away to humanitarian activities. It is great that Dubai has succeeded on New years Eve to organize a major worldwide outstanding event, it brings tourists, recognition and pleasure to all of us here in Dubai. We too without being selfish appreciate some nice special treatments! and if Dubai is spending so much money to entertain us all, it is fantastic that some business people will go to great extent to rent some lavish places. It is good for everyone because by spending at home one keeps up the economy and if we have a strong economy many business people can then give to some humanitarian organization, so you should really be enthused about it all. How often do you get to have such a magic show free of charge. Enjoy and Happy New year!


Well let the Syrian wealthy come up with the money for these refugees


They say prices should be doubled in the coming years!! how much they expect people to pay ? I do understand its a unique property but there should be a limit which owners can charge.


Its a free market! The seller can ask any price, it depends on the buyer whether he wants to pay or not. If he asks for a lot more it won't sell.


Thought it was against the law for short-term lets like this?

Notice from the Economic Department said: "It is not allowed to rent residential units on short-term lease since this activity is solely restricted to hotel apartment companies. In case of non-compliance the Department of Economic Development will take the necessary legal action against the violators. For complaints and suggestions call "Ahlan Dubai" on 600545555."

Each to their own

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