UAE road deaths fall 17.4% in 2012 - gov't

Number of injuries on roads and traffic incidents also down in first nine months of year

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

The number of people killed on the UAE’s roads fell by 17.4 percent during the first nine months of the year, according to official data.

Statistics published by the Gulf state’s Ministry of Interior showed that there were 450 fatalities in the year so far to September 30, compared to 545 in the same period in 2011.

The number of injuries was down 7.7 percent to 5,543 in the same timeframe. The number of traffic accidents in total fell 8.1 percent to 4,566, the Ministry said.

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Posted by: Frustrated Motorist

Another thing I see, normally, is one-lane turns and exits doubled up on with selfish motorists trying to jump queue and getting beside cars in (what should only be) a single lane to exit with them (usually blocking the view of the car that has a right to be there). Sometimes they jump in front of the car that has first exit. Take the turn towards 1st Interchange on Financial Road in front of Murooj Rotana some morning under the flyover (across from Dubai Mall) and you'll see (for some reason...usually SUVs) bypassing the queue for that exit and jumping into the turning lane beside the rightful car so they block the view of oncoming traffic. How can this be stopped? Narrow the exits? Install permanent cones to filter the traffic?

Posted by: Frustrated Motorist

I was almost smashed into this morning because a driver with ultra black windows merged into my lane at 70mph while I was next to them. I lost control for a few seconds and thought it was over. Luckily noone was next to me. This is an every day occurrence. I only drive 20 mins on SZR to work each day and constantly need to avoid people swerving into me every single day because "some" people decide that it is far too much effort to use an indicator!!
Bikes can drive on the shoulder, between cars....
Some people here find it too taxing to use an indicator.
If you DO use an indicator and want to get into a lane (need to exit etc)...people will speed up to close the gap so you can't get in. There is zero kindness and absolutely no fair play on the roads. No improvement after 5 years here. Traffic police, please catch and fine non-indicators. I'm positive that non-indicating is up there with speeding for road death causes. Not sure its enforced, to be honest.

Posted by: Michel

I fully agree with your comments. After 6 years in the UAE, I do not see any improvement. To me, some of the worst drivers are the taxi drivers. They always drive too fast and rarely use their indicators. RTA, please make sure they show us the example!

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